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To ensure maximum stability and return on investment, the CryptoKube can be filled with your choice of miners

Powerful  Secure  Reliable

Low Cost Operation


The CryptoKube ships with a best of class internet firewall, preconfigured to protect your investment in server hardware and keep them running 24 hours a day. The CryptoKube is built inside an ISO shipping container and secured with steel security doors. The choice of a shipping container was primarily due to its reputation for

physical security. The optional security cameras and card access control further increase your security posture

and peace of mind.

The CryptoKube was designed from the ground up to consider the cost of operations. Power and cooling are

the largest operating costs when running a Bitcoin mining operation. The selection of fresh air cooling means thatthere are no condensers, chillers or power hungry cooling systems to keep the servers running within their operating parameters. Fresh air cooling makes use of fans, much like a server does, to move large volumes of air through the data center to cool the servers and remove the hot air exhaust. The cooler the weather, the faster the ASIC chips in the servers will run. The CryptoKube can run inside a large warehouse, outside in a parking lot or in a server pod farm where the power is cheapest.


Low Cost Operation

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